Create your own visual style… let it be unique for yourself and identifiable for others.” 

Powerful imagery to make your business fly

  • Would you love to have fabulous images on your website and rocket fuel for your social media?
  • Need compelling images that clearly capture your passion and uniqueness?
  • Is it worth investing in professional photos … and how can you find a photographer who can give you stand-out images?

-> Our photography service is personally tailored to showcase your unique talents, so potential customers can’t fail to notice you. Packages to suit your budget.

Show your Greatness

Commercial photography, environmental portraits and personal visual branding centered in Wiltshire and covering Bath, Berkshire and Gloucestershire


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We will travel to the ends of the earth to capture your story so that you can build up a truly unique identity for your personal branding and business.

Speak to us personally and we guarantee we will offer you a prompt and free consultation to discuss your needs,  how we can collaborate and get the images you really want.


Kit and Sam are not only highly professional and fantastic to work with, they are also naturally gifted photographers.

Like true artists, they capture the best in their subjects -people, moments in time, objects- so that they can be forever viewed in a beautiful light. 

Anne Marie Frangipani Home

It was a true pleasure working with Kit and Sam, collaborating to produce some truly
powerful shots.

Very professional and fun to work, with they did a fantastic job at capturing me so that I can project my own unique personal brand.

Rory Personal Trainer