“Inspired by beauty, nature and a spirit of adventure, we capture timeless imagery that celebrates your personal uniqueness and natural environment.”

Kit’s work as professional photographer spans the last 5 years, with clients including Webtools Group, The Dancemaker, Kodakit, Frangipani Home and Rory Evans Fitness. He trained with UK photographers Nigel Harper, Rory Lewis, DSLR Photography (London) and the Photographers’ Business Academy. His work is underpinned by background in electronics engineering and drawing/painting. His experience serving customers includes 4 years hosting creative retreats in Portugal. In his professional photography work, he combines visual skills with an eye for detail, as well as professionalism and focus on the client.

Samantha is a choreographer and dance teacher, with an exceptional visual eye and flair for design. She contributes these skills to the partnership according to an individual client’s brief.

Kit & Samantha live in Portugal, also spending periods of time in the UK close to London.


We provide you with magical pictures that inspire your chosen audience, so you will attract your ideal clients.

I'm happiest when I am doing what I love


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